Newtown Park is located at the intersection of Stockton and Groton Roads in Pocomoke, serving as an athletic complex to citizens in the southern end of the County.  To date one senior league field, three little league fields, two softball fields, and three multipurpose fields.

58 Acres



Baseball Fields:

  • 1 Senior League Field - 314' fence (314' at center field) with Lights
  • 3 Little League fields - 200' fence

Softball Fields:

  • 2 Softball Fields - 300' fence with Lights

Multipurpose Fields:

  • Can be customized up to two 225' x 150' with lights & one 300' x 180'


Mountain Bike Trail 

Newtown Park's single track mountain bike trail measures six tenths of a mile in length and is geared towards beginning riders.  The trail, which is located off the Newtown Park Road access before the pond, includes safety and educational signs.  

This project is the result of a partnership between WCRP and both the Worcester County and the Eastern Shore chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (ESIMBA).  The trail build was organized by Tres Denk, President of the ESIMBA, and Maryland Conservation Crew of Assateague and Maryland Coastal Kids program volunteers helped build the trail.  The Mountain Bike Trail is open to public.

The Northern Worcester Athletic Complex is located in Berlin, serving the citizens in the northern end of the County.  To date, one senior league field, one junior league field, three little league fields, and five multipurpose fields.

76 Acres



Baseball Fields:

  • 1 Senior League Field - 320' fence (380' at center field) with lights
  • 1 Junior League Field - 250'
  • 3 Little League Fields - 200'


  • 5 Fields - 300' x 180', 2 with Lights

Football Field:

  • 360'x180'

John Walter Smith Park, located on Public Landing Road in Snow Hill, serves as the athletic complex to citizens in the central section of the County.  This location is where Worcester County Department of Recreation & Parks programming and maintenance operations are administered.

To date, one senior league field, three little league fields, two softball fields, and five multipurpose fields are located at this facility.

80 Acres



Baseball Fields:

  • 1 Little League Field - 155' fence
  • 3 Little League Fields - 200' fence
  • 1 Senior League Field - 327' fence (354' at center field)

Multipurpose Fields:

  • Can be customized up to (2) 270' x 150' with Lights & (1) 330' x 210' without lights & (2) 270 x 150' with lights.

Softball Fields:

  • 2 Fields - 275' fence                   


Frisbee Golf Course

John Walter Smith Park features a 9-hole Frisbee Golf Course, located behind the main parking area just behind the basketball courts.   Total par for the course is 33, which includes a variation of holes with a mixture of par 3, 4, and 5's.  The course also features two sets of tees to accommodate a variety of skills.  The total distance of the course is 2778' from the forward tees and 3285' from the back tees.  The course is open to the public and it's free to play.  Stop in the Recreation Center to borrow a frisbee and get your score cards.


Nature Trail

The John Walter Smith Park Nature Trail is nestled into the existing naturalized area of the park. The trail is 1.2 miles long.  As you begin your walk near the tennis courts, the winding trail takes you along the perimeter of the park.  You'll cross over an access bridge which allows you to continue walking, looping around by the back end of the Frisbee Golf Course, then back over the bridge to the start of the trail.  Please come out, take a walk, and let us know what you think.  Just look for the directional signs.

Herring Creek Nature Park is located in West Ocean City, providing a scenic location for area residents to enjoy a piece of nature relatively close to developed areas.  The park features a pavilion that is available for picnics and gatherings, as well as walking/jogging paths and bird watching stations.

43.55 Acres

Bishopville Park is a satellite park serving the citizens and visitors of Worcester County.  This eye-catching park is situated just outside of the community of Bishopville, and features a grassy open area that can be used for both informal activities and organized recreation functions. 

5.02 Acres


Bishopville Enhancement Plan

View Bishopville Enhancement Plan

The concept for the Bishopville Park enhancement would take approximately one year to complete. It would involve assistance from various partners. The improvements would include additional tree planting, a formal landscaped area, creation of a wildflower meadow and the routing of a walking path.  While the soccer and volleyball ball areas have already been created, a number of smaller amenities such as benches, birdhouses and educational signage will be added to further enhance the park. Finally, in order to integrate the space and accommodate the walking trail, the height of cut will be manipulated in order to delineate the various functional areas. The approach will not only improve functionality, aesthetics and sustainability within the park but will also serve as an example of how the County can work together, and with citizens in order to further the mission of delivering outstanding recreational outlets.

The village of Stockton is home to Stockton Neighborhood Park.  This attractive park is located on Stockton Road, Rt. 366, approximately nine miles east of Route 113.  Stockton Neighborhood Park offers a pavilion equipped with picnic tables and a barbeque grill.  The charming park also has a playground unit, benches and a baseball/softball backstop for the community to use.

4 Acres

Showell Park is one of Worcester County's many athletic parks, located on Racetrack Road, in Showell, Maryland.  This park is used for county's softball leagues and as an overflow facility during large softball tournaments.  Showell Park offers two playgrounds, one for 2-5 year olds and one for 5-12 year olds.

21 Acres



Softball Fields:

  • 2 fields - 280' fence with Lights
  • 1 field - 200' fence

Newark Neighborhood Park is located in the community of Newark, located midway between the towns of Snow Hill and Berlin.  This quaint park was developed as a rural neighborhood park for the citizens of the area to enjoy.  The park offers a pavilion equipped with picnic table and two barbecue grills.

4.2 Acres

Girdletree Park is located on Box Iron Road, in the Village of Girdletree, a quaint rural village located approximately 30 miles southwest of Ocean City.  This 3-acre site includes a playground with two adjoining sections, one for ages 2-5 and another for ages 6-12, a pavilion with grills and picnic tables.

3 Acres