Newtown Park

Newtown Park is located at the intersection of Stockton and Groton Roads in Pocomoke, serving as an athletic complex to citizens in the southern end of the County.  To date one senior league field, three little league fields, two softball fields, and three multipurpose fields.

58 Acres

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Baseball Fields:

  • 1 Senior League Field - 314' fence (314' at center field) with Lights
  • 3 Little League fields - 200' fence

Softball Fields:

  • 2 Softball Fields - 300' fence with Lights

Multipurpose Fields:

  • Can be customized up to two 225' x 150' with lights & one 300' x 180'


Mountain Bike Trail 

Newtown Park's single track mountain bike trail measures six tenths of a mile in length and is geared towards beginning riders.  The trail, which is located off the Newtown Park Road access before the pond, includes safety and educational signs.  

This project is the result of a partnership between WCRP and both the Worcester County and the Eastern Shore chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (ESIMBA).  The trail build was organized by Tres Denk, President of the ESIMBA, and Maryland Conservation Crew of Assateague and Maryland Coastal Kids program volunteers helped build the trail.  The Mountain Bike Trail is open to public.